Serbian Orthodox Church Saint Petka

Beeswax Candle Workshop


Every candle purchased helps us reach our goal!

Within our parish is a beeswax candle workshop called "Danica."

Founded four years ago, it was named after Danica Botic, one of the original founders of our parish. Her family donated the equipment
necessary to begin crafting beeswax candles.

Parishioners work on a volunteer, non-paying basis. All the proceeds made from selling candles created in our workshop go to funding the construction of St. Petka Orthodox Church.

Slava Candle
Length: cca 10"x5"
Diameter: cca 2/3"
Weight: cca 4 1/2 oz
Price: $ 7.10

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*All candles are handmade,
so weights are approximate.

for more information or to order please contact us


Priest Fr. Ljubisa Brnjos




Candle #1 Slava or Altar
Length: cca 16"
Diameter: cca 1"
Weight: cca 6 1/2 oz
Price: $ 5.25
Candle #2
Length: cca 9"
Diameter: cca 1/3"
Weight: cca 1/2 oz
Price: $ 0.22
Candle #3 Length: cca 10"
Diameter: cca 2/3"
Weight: cca 1 3/4 oz
Price: $ 1.11
Candle #4 Length: cca 15"
Diameter: cca 2/3"
Weight: cca 2 3/4 oz
Price: $ 1.38
Candle #5 Length: cca 10"
Diameter: cca 1/2"
Weight: cca 1 oz
Price: $ 0.61